Can I sue if I’ve been diagnosed with a disease that is related to my work?

Some jobs and work places can be dangerous. Workers can be exposed to harmful pollutants like silica dust, asbestos ora hazardous chemicals. Others working around loud machinery can suffer from permanent hearing loss. Employers are obliged to ensure the right safeguards and work practices are in place and that staff have been trained to minimize any harm. 

If you’ve developed a condition or disease related to you job, you’re likely to be entitled to WorkCover benefits. But if your employer has been negligent in their duties, you may also be able to sue for damages.

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Matt did his apprenticeship as a stone mason before going to work for a large kitchen and bathroom renovation company.

For 20 years, he worked cutting and fitting all sorts of natural and engineered marble and stone. Matt doesn’t remember when he first noticed the persistent cough and chest pain, but soon after his 43rd birthday, he was diagnosed with acute Silicosis. With three small children and a large mortgage, Matt was worried about losing his income. With good legal support, Matt secured his WorkCover benefits and was also able to claim on his superannuation insurance. And, as his employer had failed to put the right safety measures in place, Matt was also able to sue the company for damages and ensure financial security for his family. 

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