Can I claim on my superannuation?

If you have Total and Permanent Disability insurance and Income Protection attached to your superannuation fund, you should be able to claim against them when you can no longer work because of an injury or an illness. In some cases, and depending on your age, you may be able to get access to all your super.

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Niko had worked as a mechanic his whole life, but arthritis in his hands became so bad that by the age of 55, he had to give up the job he loved.

He claimed against the Total and Permanent Disability insurance attached to his superannuation fund, but it was rejected by the insurer on the basis that his condition did not prevent him from all work.

With the right legal advice, Niko sued the insurer. His lawyers showed that his condition was so bad he was unlikely to ever work in any job for which he was trained and qualified. Niko received a lump sum payout and was able to retire early.

Did you get injured at work?

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