Can I sue if I’ve been in a road accident?

All Victorian road users are covered by the TAC. That includes drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. 

If you’ve been injured in a transport accident, they’ll pay for medical treatment and maybe other benefits too. And if someone’s been negligent, you might also be able to sue. 

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Harley was driving to work on a rainy morning. While stopped at the traffic lights, a delivery van smashed into the back of his car.

He suffered severe whiplash and bruising.  The driver said he had tried to brake, but the van had skidded on the wet road. Harley was careful to take photographs of the road, the van, and the tyres. It turns out the company had failed to maintain the van correctly, and the tyres had little tread. In addition to a TAC claim for pain and suffering and loss of income, Harley sued for damages and got a significant settlement.

Kate was riding on the tram when it braked suddenly.

The violent jolt threw her from her seat. She fractured her arm in two places and was concussed when she hit her head on the floor. Kate had to take three months off work to recover. She made an initial claim against the TAC for medical expenses and loss of income. However, 12 months later, Kate was still suffering from migraines which were getting so bad, that she had to give up her job as a support worker. Kate was entitled to claim an additional impairment benefit and received a lump sum payment, but she was also able to sue for damages.

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